11 Mar 2010

My village –A recollection

Post by santhi

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The grassy road took me to the vibrant lake flowing so calm and serene
Stood there for a while inhaling the sweet smell carried by the breeze
Found some jubilant half naked kids, jumping and diving into the lake
The tacit thoughts of childhood days rushed in, sighed in utter remorse
The fire was there ever within me to return and recapture the lost heaven
At last I cuddled into the lap of my village, a dream knotted long before
The grassy bed invited me to stretch on, looking at the sky I just relaxed.

Eyes kept in alert to grab the bounteous natural beauty so sensuous
Ears honeyed with the humming birds and the giggles of flowing water
Nose feasted with variant hues, the wet ground emitting its seductive smell
My dry mouth gulped some fresh air; a passing bird dropped a peanut too
My tanned skin and paining muscles massaged by the sweeping wind
What a tranquil Treat my God!! Insane indeed we are to discard and disuse
The creaking sound of a passing bullock- cart distracted me to look aside.

See the prideful posture of the carts man, as if driving a brand new BMW
Between the fluttering golden rice fields it moved like a graceful chariot
Waved him to stop and seated on the heaped sand, what a rollicking ride!
Everything is on move as the day is on duty, not even a lazy dog yawning
Women with pots, men with tools and kids with hookers are on hasty walks
Lethargic you won’t feel as freshness every where, from sky to earth
Stared at the passing group of women, Alas, locked I felt by a pair of eyes.

She speeded her strides in a mood to sneak, closer I went just behind
Her curly hair embellishing her swinging back, and my thoughts rolling back
Nearer I went to behold those expressive eyes, even her odour very familiar
Lost memories rejuvenated, my hustled heart hushed for a while
With a child in hand and one on hip, she floated away as a tragic epitome
Of our untold love, blossomed and nurtured just to flicker and fade
A tale of unrequited love with jumbled feelings to be swallowed for ever

Wiping off the wounding thoughts, I marched off in opposite direction
A shivering call from behind, with slowed pace I looked back and amazed
Amidst the wrinkles on his face just the eyes smiled, making waves inside me
My first teacher, my mender, tongue bound I stood; tears expressing the rest
Hand in hand with conversing hearts we walked through bygone happenings
What a delight to see known faces and that too with loving hearts installed
He took the path to home, as someone waved at me from the near by tea shop

Closer I went, stunned to see my old chummy pals still looking same
Sitting on the same old bench, sipping the hot tea, fifteen I felt once again
Stories endlessly told and heard, the resurrection session was sensational
The narrow wooden bridge over the river was still in use, creaking and jerking
Took off my shirt and jumped into the deep water, nature’s bubbling bathing tub
We sat under the tree to gulp the food, tastier with my friend’s mom’s touch
Each moment precious with cherished wishes enlivened and enthused profusely.

The shrieking mobile tone fell on my ears as a death knell to  my dreams
No time to strech as already late, the frowning clock  coaxing me to dash
As always wife was in rush; kids not  free enough to wish, mundane I felt
Patted on my wife’s trimmed hair, the thoughts of long curly hair stealthy crept in
Panting I sat while at signal, wished I could hold a whip instead of the steering
Past is past but memories stay, pause and ponder of possibilities to retrieve
Positive I felt with the sanction of one week leave –a passport to that heaven
MY Village is my Heaven!!


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