7 Jan 2009

Nature’s law

Post by santhi

I saw a garden green and gorgeous

Full of dancing blooms fresh and fragrant

Sat in the midst to flavour the flawless beauty

Induced by the embrace of the scented breeze

A chilly tickle travelled quick from head to toe

I lay on the grassy carpet shadowed by the apple tree


Ears sensed a howling whistle: soon eyes captured a lusty bee

From flower to flower he fluttered to flirt and imbibe

Licked the petals soft and sucked the nectar in greed

Seduced blooms succumbing to his winks and whims

Subject are we all, from insects to human

To the nature’s law, better not breach to be in peace


Heard a kid’s shrieking cry from somewhere near

In no time a woman in panic rushed from nowhere

Cuddled and pampered the kid with her muddy hand

Clasped the babe close to her drooping bosom

Leaning on the tree she closed her eyes in relish

See the nature’s wonder, mum’s blood turned into milk


Something is there beyond our grasp, don’t you agree?

Something is there that binds us together, don’t you feel?

Something is there that always we miss, don’t you hanker?

That something is there within your heart, please look in!!

That something is nothing but Love; please spread out!!

That something is everything in life; please fill it, in and out!!


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