4 Jan 2011


Post by santhi

[image align=”right” img =”http://poeticfeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/nostalgia.jpg”  alt=”Nostalgia” /]
It was with positive promises, we bade goodbye
When parted after two years of togetherness
“Will keep in touch though not in sight”, Alas!
Promises are like prophecies, seldom realized.

Years danced away, we too flowing with the tide,
Memories of olden days wrapped and kept underneath
In dealing the present and dreaming of future. Alas!
Drained are we with our dreary routines

Achieved many goals and attained new bonds
Added more friends and a family of our own
Assigned to fresh promises and signed off old ones. Alas!
Amidst we lost the relics of our rapturous past.

In the meantime we got a mellowing call “Nostalgia’
Indeed a knocking note to unfold the forgotten past
Timely it is, to oil the rusted memories muted so far, Wow!
Feel the ecstasy, to get tuned with the missing chords.

In the sprite of our youth, we smashed here mirthfully
Rollicking days now rolling back, thrilled aren’t we?
Here we found bosom friends and some their life mates too, Wow!
Wish could retrieve and relive those days of intense joy.

Scattered are we now in the varied pastures of life,
Hats off to the master man Tomy and his crew, who
With his magic ‘Invite’ grouped us once again in this campus
Thanks to ‘Nostalgia’, aptly named and profusely performed.

Looking back is not going back, but getting back some sparks
Just rewind and refresh, hundreds of familiar faces flash in
An array of sensuous moments causing smiles and tears
Let ‘Past’ be ever present in our minds, Kindling and kidding.

Indeed a momentous day to remember, wish we could make it more frequent!


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