22 Jul 2010


Post by santhi

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Ommm! The Pranava mantra

Blooms from the bottom of vocal system
Travels and transcends through the glottis
Outpours soft and subtle through the mouth
Finally merges with the airy void of universe.

The sacred symbol of the eternal trinity
Marking the origin, the creation “Srishti”
The process of being, the existence “Sthithy”
At last the inevitable, the destruction “samhara”.

A divine sound all pervasive and persuasive
Possesses your senses and pacifies your soul
Perpetual and placid, pastes you with the ultimate
The spell so powerful perfects you piously.

The rustling leaves and the flowing water
The moving waves and the whispering wind
The echoing sea shells and the ringing bell
Behold carefully, resound this divine chant

Undefined and unknowable, yet so affluent
As the infinite incarnation of the Omnipotent
It clears your system and vibrates your nerves
Purifies your breath and pervades your life.

Not a word but the very essence of music
Universally chanted beyond all earthly barriers
An auspicious start for our austere days
A blissful harmony, cannot define being heavenly!!


Tom September 21, 2011 at 3:16 pm - Reply

Santhi, you have such depth, it scares me. Good Luck!

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