24 Oct 2009

Once again

Post by santhi

[image align=”right” img =”http://poeticfeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/ONCE1.jpg”  alt=”ONCE AGAIN” /]
Pondering for hours she sat at the lonely shore

Solitude is the best company when the mind bleeds

A terrific tussle of thoughts was triggering inside

The mental heat accelerating her heart beats

Never to go back where she felt abandoned

Years she took to realize her non belonging

 Now dreams drained and hopes hallowed

Stared at the residing waves and the setting sun

Why the waves roar? Celebrating her demise?


With repressed anguish hankering an outpour

Alone she roamed, not even a hand to hold

She walked in fast pace though no goals to grab

Threw off the sandals and freed her curly hair

A wrecked heart wailing in pain but in vain

Immersed in the fancied thoughts of another world

The dream land that everyone reach at last

With closed eyes she drooped in to the deep ocean

To start off her journey to entity all alone


Once again! You cannot say once the life is lost

A non refundable deposit once you sign off carelessly

Life is precious as it is an unsolicited gift

Like a shelled pearl to be opened and polished

If the wrenched are to die, how many will survive?

She opened her eyes with thousands staring at her

Once again she saw the ocean and heard its roars

But this time they echoed some tune of inspiration

Cuddled by the fisherman who gifted her ‘the Life’ once again



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