27 Oct 2010

Our Parents – Our Akshayapaatram

Post by santhi

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The day dawned with an unusual glow,
To celebrate the glory of the occasion.
With smiles of pride and tears of joy,
We welcome the matchless pair to march in!

Our Appa called Anna,

Eight decades of eventful and elegant life,
Endearing so many with ways so elating.
A man of self esteem and excellence, a frontier
A true humanitarian blessed with an honest heart!

Knighted as a ‘Roaring Lion’, with a deer’s heart inside,
Behind never he stood; a dauntless leader indeed.
Words are his weapon and deeds standing in stead,
Dared many barriers, a dashing barrister indeed!

Our Amma called Manni,

A woman so pious and poised, a princess born,
In constant bond with peace and patience.
Her beautiful face reflecting her noble heart.
An eloquent epitome of Indian womanhood!

Sensuous is she with music even in breaths,
Sensitive is she with a cherubic innocence.
Being always with our dad, nothing beyond that
Not even in her thoughts contradicting him!

Together they live in total bliss and blend,
Together they strive amidst turmoil and mend.
Together they are from the day they wedded,
Together are we here to salute and garland!

They are One, so cannot portray them separate,
They are unique, so unanimous we bow in applaud.
They are ours, our perpetual treasure and pleasure,
They are our world, heralding us forward forever!

Passionate they are, pooled in the depth of love,
Not a chord of discord, so perfect a symphony.
Years of love knitted and knotted their bond,
Laughs and tears always heard and shared!

Five are we, the seeds they sowed and sprouted,
Now plants with fruits, for them to cuddle.
Elevated are we to be of their genetic mould,
Enthralled to be enshrined in their hearts!

Wish, such memorable moments occur and recur,
Wish for rebirth if they will beget us once again.
Words, deeds or gifts cannot express our feel for them,
Ever they remain the Akshayapathra of love and care!!


ANTONY SEBASTIAN January 3, 2011 at 7:10 pm - Reply

THE FEELING OF THE POET WOULD STRONGLY CONVEYED TO THE READER IF THE FEELING S ARE IN FIRST PERSON SINGULAAR.wHEN “OUR” THE Reader also is getting involved and the passionate feelings of the poet get diluted… The poets adoration of the parents are quite good which is admirable.”Being always with our dad”… the term husband..”loyal wife” etc could have been used…
The poet being the replica of the parents there is nothing surprising in adoring the mother and the father….

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