31 Mar 2010


Post by santhi

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Peace! Hops and hops far away
Evading when we stoop to pursue

Is it a total mental tranquility? Or
Is it the absence of human frailty?

Is it attainable only through detachment?
Is it purely an unearthly enchantment?

Shunning the world and seeking the God
The only way to peace, so says the Yogee.

Stunning is the world soaked in pleasures
We are at peace, so shouts the materialist.

How to appease this eternal hunker for peace?
Appalled are we awaiting the advent of an apostle

Be at peace and search peace within you
Peace is possible only when we live in apiece

It is breaching of hostility and breeding of humanity
It is not breaking of fences but bridging of friendship

Everywhere the furnace of enmity flaming so high
How the dove of peace can wing above the wrecks?

Destruction takes minutes, but construction prolongs
Treaties are to be made but in minds not in bonds

Peace is like milk, nourishing and nutritious but
Spoiled it gets if not  seasoned  and savoured in time.

We are at war when greedy and end up in graves
We are at peace when generous and rise in grace

Peace and prosperity propel our life positively
Perpetuate it to make the world a better one.


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