17 Dec 2009

Radha’s Krishna

Post by santhi

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Ho!  My Lord Krishna,

The enchanter with the magical flute

While you pour the nectar of mellowing tune

The intoxicated Gopis dance in tune

But how long your Radha has to wait and wail?

To be kissed by those honeyed petals

With hankering soul still she craves

To garland you with her stream of love


Ho! My Lord Krishna


When you played with your native pals

When you braved the venomous Kaliyan

When you cuddled your mother Yasodha

When you enriched Kuchela with an embrace

With a throbbing heart still she lingers

Your Radha burning in flames of love

As an eternal source of infinite devotion


Ho! My Lord Krishna


When you waved off to meet your missions

To wipe off the venomous weeds of sins

To perpetuate the glory of righteousness

To armour Arjuna with words of wisdom

But ever you thought of your lonely Radha?

Together you grew, together you danced

But forever she is alone aching for union


Ho! My lord Krishna


In time you appeared to save Draupathy’s honour

Wedded Rugamani and Bhama in due course

Immense was your help to tackle Kunthi’s sorrows

Immersed always you remain in saving and serving

But how long your Radha has to fret with sighs?

Yugas many yawned away still Radha yearns

A serene symbol of worship, an endless saga of love


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