10 Jan 2009

Ray of hope

Post by santhi

[image align=”right” img =”http://poeticfeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/prison.jpg” alt=”prison” /]
The door to freedom opened at last

The door to the world where he belongs

Behind the bars counting even seconds

 As Death at any time could grab and strangle

Three and half decades dragging and dreadful

Never had he thought he will be back home

 While Neighbour country stamped him a spy

His own country left him to destiny

Half of his life wasted in darkness

Till he alighted, at this promising rebirth


Captured and caged at his prime of youth

Now old and bald but eyes still glowing

Stepped on his soil with teary eyes

Mind enthralled beyond words and thoughts

Waved with gratitude at the people he left back

Waves of varied emotions whirling inside, to see

 The land so favourite and people so familiar

 Tirelessly she fought; his wife to get him back

 Just lived years to effect and ensure these moments


Within the secluded walls of privacy

He met his wife, pent up feelings poured in silence

Engulfed with kids, grand kids and friends

Hearts so intimate but faces were all new

No flashing cameras allowed or any writer to scribble

While the whole world sensed and felt the throb

Moments so momentous seldom do occur

For everything there should be a beginning

Is this of that kind? To lessen the enmity


Hatred is to be eliminated to breed peace

Peace propels prosperity, rebel not serenity

A prisoner released, a stepping stone indeed

But even now the sky is dark, with stars so few

We are in our home’s comfort, still with complaints

But so many in oblivion in some unknown nook

They are stripped off their lives and dreams

Let there be fences but between lands only

Let there be no fences to bridge our hearts










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