10 Jan 2009

Safe and sheltered

Post by santhi

[image align=”right” img =”http://poeticfeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/SAFE1.gif” alt=”SAFE” /]
 Heard the wind blowing fierce outside

Inhaled to feel whether it carried his smell


Could hear the rain drops beating on the roof

Listened to its tap-tap, may be his heartbeats


Even in darkness, could see some flickers of light

Thought they were his flashing eyes searching for me


There was pregnant silence everywhere

Wished to hear him whispering my name


As hours drag on my sighs too stretched

Even tears began to blur and throat so dry


An unknown fear crept to confuse me

That he may not show up again???


Still the mind said he cannot leave me

As long, long ago we exchanged our hearts


Regained my hope and refreshed with joy

I slowly embraced a soothing nap


How I don’t know, but I was in bed

His hands engulfing me so tight


Once again in his loving hold

Safe and sheltered, I slept peacefully


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