30 Aug 2011


Post by santhi

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Winding up my thoughts and
Vending off my worries
I stretched and closed my eyes
All set for a blissful slumber
Cuddled in the rosy cozy bed
Ready for a total submission.

All through the day I was yawning
But now sleep shunning me for long.
With an empty mind and a tired physic
I am just waiting for his attack
Hours dragged, but why you keep away?
The great invader, welcomed by all!

Blessed are you, instant sleepers
Richest are you and the healthiest too
Jealous I feel when others snore so deep
Callous I feel, when sleep care not to peep.
Tears, fears and worries, we all have in heap
But sober peace, only your subtle touch can reap.

Through the window gazed at the dazzling moon,
Blazing amazingly in the starry black carpet.
The winking stars or the moving clouds;
The humming wind or the rustling leaves,
Even the sweet child playing beside me,
None could quell my ache for the evading sleep.

Ho, the universal soother, embrace me for a while
Ho, the perpetual pacifier, appease me for a while
Ho, the eternal magician, mesmerize me for a while
Ho, the impartial equalizer, enchant me for a while
Ho, the blissful appetizer, stimulate me for a while,
Ho, the unparallel healer, medicate me for a while.

A good night sleep with flowery dreams,
Never opt for a compensation or compromise
I t is God‘s gift to ease our tensed mind and body
To awake afresh, again to receive another dawn
Wish to wing back, for a wink to sleep like a child.
With my mom’s hand holding me close and tight.


L.Ramani August 31, 2011 at 7:34 am - Reply

The author has brought to form an ordinary metabolic activity into a thought provoking verse.She has peaked in her fifth stanza where she highlights the benefits of sleep in a wholesome manner embracing all its reach.She has also exhaustively exhausted every aspect of it encompassing every nuance of it which clearly shows her analytical and literary ability.Keep it mam and produce many more pieces like this in future.

Krish September 6, 2011 at 8:04 am - Reply

Well Only God-gifted people can dwelve so deep in poetic literature. The author must live long to continue writing such blissful poems. I fully endorse the comments given my Shri L. Ramani.

Jayendra Soni September 16, 2011 at 7:33 am - Reply

Very beautiful, very thoughtful and insightful poetry. As simple a thing as a sleep, which we all take for granted every night, but the poetess has applied her mind to those who keep awake awaiting the blissful sleep. Great work, thoroughly enjoyed.

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