10 Jan 2009

Stay and fight

Post by santhi

[image align=”right” img =”http://poeticfeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/life-race.jpg” alt=”life race” /]
The sun lightens the Globe

Granting us new days to live afresh

All in the ground all set to start the race

For a change I left the track to watch around


Like marathon life is dragging sometimes

Many stop abrupt while very few reach the goal

They persist with patience and remain poised

 Here it is the stoics who survive to success


But for many it is a hazardous hurdle race

Each move at stake and each step counts

But once the obstacles are surpassed

Fastened and fast, the goal is engulfed


If we are still alive we have to get go

Passive u remain, prostrate you fall

But always time to get up and dash

Failures are not to hurt but to heal and hail you


Chances seldom knocks, buckled u remain

Tantrum never tackles and chuckles in vain

Fittest are not always in the front but in hunt

Worse is gone and worst is yet to come

Worry not my dear, so long you are a wrestler!!!



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