4 Apr 2013


Post by santhi

The most vibrant messenger of emotions

Usually variant in their  causes and effects

Budding in heart and pooling our eyes

Eloquent expression of our metal status!


A symbol of joy while twinkling in eyes

An unique relaxer for grief stricken minds

A silent language where words are numbed

A universal cleanser of our wearied eyes!


Women’s effective weapon to tame menfolk

Kids’ protective tool to evade punishments

Oldies’ reflective mode to avoid dialogues

But why offensive if a man sheds few drops?


False instant tears trickle and vanish in a wink

But prolong if triggered by intense mental turmoil

Hearty laughs, spicy Indian food and stingy onions

Renowned inducers of hasty irresistible tears!


Eyes dazzle when sparked with tears of pride

Eyes dance when seasoned with tears of love

Eyes droop when saddened with tears of loss

Eyes dash when spirited with tears of hope!


L.Ramani April 9, 2013 at 12:02 pm - Reply

‘If you have tears prepare to shed them now” that was Shakespeare in Julius Caesar this is Sk on poetic feast.This author has matured into a good poet and needs nurturing to reach still greater heights and she is capable of.Your collections are worth publishing and i pray to god that it should see the light of the day.

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