5 Apr 2011

The Coveted CUP

Post by santhi

[image align=”right” img= “http://poeticfeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/cup.jpg” alt=”cup” /]
The capped heroes of Indian cricket team,
Exhilarating with extreme excitement,
Arrayed with cupped hands to hold the CUP,
Winners are they making the nation proud!

It was a yearning of twenty eight years
To earn back the honour lost in the midway
Many years yawned away making it a mirage
Every fourth year the flame quenched into ashes.

A deserving team with few defects and defeats
Determined they were with an heroic demeanour
Fought with all their strength to beat the mightiest
Dumping the dampers with a win so dashing!

With a poised man at the helm to lead
With a God like Idol always there to rely
With a back up of blasting batsmen and bowlers
Nothing was lacking and nothing less they deserve.

Everything happens in India, but strangely spiced
Nothing happens here, without some controversies
It is their life time toil, why you try to foil it?
It is their dream came true, why you spoil it?

The media gets stuffs to chew and blow up
Heated debates followed by diligent delegates
To find out the facts and announce the truth
How long you know? Till the next world cup

The moment is so momentous, bravo you boys
The feat is so fabulous, thrives are you boys
The feel is really boundless, proudest are we boys
The field is now yours, just harvest dear Boys.


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