1 Jun 2010

The crash

Post by santhi

[image align=”right” img =”http://poeticfeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/crash.jpg”  alt=”crash” /]
Crashed into a dense forest in a cursed moment
Crushing so many lives and curtailing their dreams.
Calculations we make but conclusions conjured above
Crazy we turn when confused by such incoherence.

Lost in helplessness ever thought of the pilot’s tussle?
Least he had foreseen, when he geared the plane forward
Lashed by fate in spite of his insistent thrive to save
Life he too lost, but least bothered we go on blaming.

The state and central governments, glued to relentless fights
The leaders scorning and scolding each other, duties withheld
The drama is staged, but behind the curtain hidden bonds are made
The stupid mass still linger there hailing it as democracy

Every dawn is as fresh as dew, but fades as the day ages
Every day flowers bloom, either to be plucked or to wither
Every one desires, but how many derive them before death?
Every life is priceless, but plundered when we least expect.

The uncertainty so disheartening, still we not set to concede
The end is sure at any time; still we sweat and swear to save
The Life is too small a span of time, waste not in sighs and sobs
Till the sweeping day, soften it with sweetened smiles and words.


R B S Mony July 11, 2010 at 12:33 pm - Reply

Dear Santham

Could read many articles on the CRASH,
but yours indeed an absolutely different
tone and intricate observations..kudos
to you my dear loving Sister…Balan

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