10 Jan 2009

The darling dreams!

Post by santhi

 Lying prostrate with nothing to bother about

With hands clasped behind sheltering the head

Eyes closed or opened, thoughts meandering

Who won’t cherish for a winged tour with dreams


I was a dreamer all through my life

During childhood have fantasised dreams

Have even flown like witches on magic carpets

Enlivened all super human characters


As age mounted up dreams too became colourful

Dressed as a princess, the loveliest and the happiest

Many a prince and knight waited for a glance of me

Married the best and lived long with prosperity


These were dreams of my unconscious mind

But consciously we dream sometimes

Dreams revolving around our unattained wishes

But dreams to be realised are always a motivator


Dreams are to our life as oil is to machines

Keep it in tact and keep away rusting

They are like bloomed flowers in a garden

Even when withered the fragrance linger


So spare some time to nurture your dreams

It is as natural as any other human phenomenon

It had moulded many great achievers

It cost you nothing but of much cost


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