10 Jan 2009

The flying women

Post by santhi

[image align=”right” img=”http://poeticfeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/working-woman.gif” alt=”working women” /]
Cities never slumber or sigh

As people are in work round-the-clock

Luxuries slash our stress and strain

But never lighten the race of life

Women at home and men at work

Bygone are those days for good


Watch the present-day working women

They need to fly to tackle time

Winged machines are they?

Wink not even a second in waste

Whims and wishes held in watch

Tireless they remain to meet the tides


Sacrifices they do to share the burdens

Hide their tears and manage a smile

When they leave their kids in some auntie’s care

Just few months old, still need mother’s care

Mother repressed and child deprived

Both are losers but no fault of theirs


All these to ensure a better future

To achieve that envisioned world

Of financial security and abundance

They invest hard work to harvest the utmost

Even health in stake but wealth amassed

How long and what for? Quite unsure


Yet the need of the hour, cannot stay back

No harm in welcoming this exposure

A timely exit from the four walls of limits

But beware of exploitation at home and outside

Anchor your home and do not anger your boss

Twin is your role, you are simply superb!!!


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