22 Nov 2008

The New Year Eve

Post by santhi

It is New Year Eve, offering a new pack of days
Time to start a fresh struggle to stay and survive
The world remains stoic and stunts you with surprises
It is we who should be equipped to stand in stead

We all have same origin ‘The mother’s womb’
And the same destination too ‘The graveyard’
But in between creeps some deadly disparities
And that looms large as a menacing monster

Patriotism is positive and progressive
When it moulds us into devoted citizens
Once it breeds contempt and rivalry
It is nothing but exocentric extremism

Religion is highly refreshing when it refines
It sets guidelines to choose the correct path
Once it causes baseless riots and bloodshed
It is nothing but frivolous fanaticism

Politics is to shape the mass into perfect civilians
To keep going the democracy in tact
Once it fumes with fights for pomp and power
It is nothing but arrogant antagonism

Education is to uplift children intellectually
To be aware of past and beware of the future
Once it turns into a harvest to bulge the purse
It is nothing but a funny favouritism

It is never late to restart, as change is irrevocable
It is never late to arise, as a beginning is inevitable
It is ever foolish to stop, as pursuance is indispensable
It is ever wise to strive, as passivity is impeachable

Let us give the New Year a hearty welcome
Let all the prayers and hopes turned into real
Let us come together to attain the utmost
Let us live and love together to build that dream world!!


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