29 Feb 2012

The Roads Often taken

Post by santhi

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The Roads often taken are like ‘our Life’

Cluttered with unpredictable gutters

Added with bumps called speed breakers

Dummy signals and delaying diversions

Narrow lanes and antiquated bridges


The roads often taken are like ‘a forest’

With hidden blockades and covered pits

Thorn like stones to puncture the tyres

Unruly animals scattered here and there

Often in darkness with limited spot lights.


The roads often taken are like ‘markets’

Shops obstructing parking and walking

People everywhere except in pedestals

Silly riots and blocks causing traffic jams

Guards ever in frenzy to fill their purse


The roads often taken are like ‘the rivers’

During rainy time with flowing waters

Broken drainage scenting the streets

Moving vehicles splashing the waters

Swirling ditches gulping the walkers


The roads often taken are like ‘gambling’

No guarantee for your life and safety

Rules are in boards but not in our minds

Rushing bikes and intervening autos

With Dashing vehicles death imminent


The roads often taken are like ‘lively clubs’

Daring drivers doing circus behind the wheel

Deafened with full time music on ears

Busy with ringing mobiles even in traffic

Romancing and driving, mastering duel arts


Roads often taken are our chosen path

Roads cannot be blamed if we lose our path

Roads cannot lead or behold us in our path

Roads cannot be conquered by leaving the path

Roads bewitch, Beware while choosing your life path!!


Raj March 19, 2012 at 9:33 pm - Reply

Hi Santhi
Nicely penned
Lots of frustration keeping in heart ????
Lets hope that one day your cry will fetch the result

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