The salesman

Roaming and selling in crowded streets

Or knocking and waiting at our doorsteps

Sometimes behind the decorated counters

Everywhere he is as an “engine of economy”!


Conversing as if he is born to convince

Conceding as if he knows not to contradict

Conjuring as if he is an inborn enchanter

Comforting as if he knows not to displease!


Cheerful he keeps us with soothing smiles

Careful he remains in dealing his clients

Hopeful he makes us with positive plans

Skillful in expressions in so many ways!


Expert debater with acquired knowledge

Expert conveyer with his trained tongue

Expert concealer of his fretting fatigues

Expert appeaser of our fuming intrigues!


Fanatical he turns with fixed targets to reach

Professional always with the motto of profit

Congenial ever to attain and retain the bonds

Condemn not him as he toils round the clock!


3 thoughts on “The salesman”

  1. Sk is a versatile poetess which is clearly shown by the topics she had written.The second stanza characterises the qualities required by a an adept salesman.Its really a wonder how she was able to get into the depths of salesmanship without being one.The role of a salesman and his significance can be explained better with this poem in a salesmanship training programme.One cannot heap nothing but appreciation for this piece.

  2. Mr. Ramani has indeed given a poetic appreciation for this poem. Yes! naly none can disagree with him. Santhi finds the intricacies of the trivialmost activity and balloon’s it colourfully to the delight of the readers!

    Let her come out with more and more of these poems, Let the world know about this simple poet and adore her with the glory she deserves.

  3. The topics of Santhi’s poems remind me of Ogden Nash – a poet who gives poetic expression to the most unnoticed or even the detested aspects of life. If there is a united forum of salesmen,they will crown you. ‘ENGINE OF ECONOMY’ , sounds hyperbolic and salesmen are more of ‘gears’ functinally.

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