8 Dec 2011

The truth

Post by santhi

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Not frown at me,
But it is the truth.
It is a very common truth,
How many of us will agree?

Time is precious indeed,
And not to be spent in idle.
We suffer from scarcity indeed
But is it not under our bridle?

Don’t we waste time?
In complaining,
In explaining,
In contemplating,
How and why ‘I don’t have time’.

It takes a minute to make a call;
But tends to forget or postpone,
Later explain for hours why we didn’t.
Just a call to keep the link in tact.

It takes a day to make a visit,
But often reject or object.
Later baffles with buts while questioned.
Just a visit to keep the bonds pleasant.

Thousands of wishes yet to be realized,
Thousands of thoughts to be kept in memory.
Thousands of pleasures yet to be enjoyed,
But how to get the packed days extended?

Pent up feelings  often in pending mode,
Vapid routines often replacing recreations.
The strained brain in the brick of break down,
The strangled mind drooping in frustration.

It is the trend of the time,
No harm in stranding a bit.
Just need a pinch of genuine will,
After all life is not to be bundle of sighs.

In the grip of this super fast life,
Only with wings we can supersede,
Even the machines halt a while
Then why not we with heart so flimsy?

A crying child needs a feeding hand
A loving heart needs a caring hand
An aging body needs a helping hand
So we need to keep little time in hand.


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