27 Feb 2012

The Unique Orange Ball

Post by santhi

[image align=”right” img =”http://poeticfeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/SUN.gif” alt=”SUN” /]
Ho! The Universal whitener

Instantly bleaching even the dark sky

Mightiest among the billion stars

A glazing orange ball amidst the clouds

Later to grow into dazzling brightness

Touches the  frozen things to wake up

From the grip of night’s sluggishness


Heralding the sprout of a new day

A siren for all to stretch and start

You embark the bloom of a fresh morning

Later departs to welcome the bleak night

Offering the deadline of few hours

For we mortals to strive for survival

Thou art ever an impartial taskmaster.


A perpetual source of light and heat

Eternal donor with maternal instincts

Your changing moods causing the seasons

A remote sensor signaling from above

Your prolonged stays delaying the days

A provider, a sustainer and a destroyer

Of lives, light and energy on earth


Flowers smile at your vibrant rays

Rivers shine kissed by your glazy rays

Sky painted with your colourful rays

Waves sway with your windy rays

Gravity caused by your magnetic rays

But you stay afar with your flaming rays

Never turn to burn us with your fiery rays.


Thou art a God with your bounteousness

Thou art a Saint with your selflessness

Thou art a warrior with your tirelessness

Thou art a friend with your helpfulness

Thou art a celestial with your aloofness

Thou art a mystery with your timelessness!


L.ramani June 1, 2012 at 3:08 pm - Reply

From the physical to metaphysical and natural planes all exhausted in full.Nobody can explain the life giving fireball better than you.Everytime you excell and polish.You are a great poet Sk.
keep it up

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