The vegetable seller

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When life’s difficulties dampen us

Better not moan, instead look around

An aged vegetable seller stunts me often

May be around seventy to eighty

With a crippled leg hurdling her walk

Head burdened with a heavy basket

One bag under the arm and one on shoulder

What a pity! She is too old even to carry herself

Had seen her stepping down from the crowded bus

Holding nowhere as bags in both hands

I go for walk to reduce my body weight

She too walks but to lessen her basket’s weight

Many do not buy but engage in silly bargain

Time passes for them but it is her bad time

From morning to noon, from house to house

She strolls so that some penny rolls

What a pity! She is too old to earn for herself

Within my comforts I withhold my thoughts, and

Without these comforts I cannot withstand my life

Wavering and weeping as if I am doomed

Withdrawn I remain when withered are so many

Wonder have you ever? How others thrive to live

Wander here and there, to feel other’s wails

Winner She remains whirling waves inside me

What a wonder! I feel too small beside her

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