7 Jan 2009

Things to remember

Post by santhi

At times we feel totally lethargic and lousy

The whole life seems frivolous and fretted

Ifs and buts creep in, life turns an enigma

A stage so common but has to get through


Count what you have, lapses and lacks slowly vanish

Compile your real tune to compose the song of life

Complaint not but be constant in controversies

Confined in passion but concrete in notions


Be like a child, carefree and worry-free

Be like a monk, poised and persistent

Be like a lion, fearless and tireless

But try to be yourself, not a replica


Easy to give tips but cozy if you really heed

Alone we strain but together we can strive

After all man is a social being, aloof why u remain?

Life is to be lived, so waste not even a breath!!


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