10 Jan 2009

Tokens of love

Post by santhi

 Our heart is very mellifluous and easily mellowing

Raptures even at small and simple gestures of care

It throbs to give and take, and never says enough

Love initiates ecstasy when it is shown and shared


A Smile is born in heart and blooms on face

Beautify your face and pacify the perceiver

It straightaway travels into hearts and lightens

A healer and a stealer of the beholder’s heart


A Word is magical when whispered with care

An index to our thoughts and intense feelings

A word in time can make even a world for you

But always weigh before use; it sometimes wounds


A Pat is like a tonic, strengthens the weaklings

It is like a loud applause; a boon that boosts

No one feels alone when pats pamper you

A pat in time patches many mental pits


A Hug is a replacement where words fail

A gesture of our hands to express our heart

An amazing language universally understood

It makes two hearts meet and the beats heard


A Kiss is the sweetest way to express your love

Mother’s kiss wipes off a child’s tears and fears

With lips locked, love shared and joy doubled

The best gift to give and receive as a token of love


IT is we who make this world the best place

The best place to live, love and enjoy

It is we who create heaven on earth

Our mind is the key to the door of paradise



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