7 Jan 2009

What is happiness?

Post by santhi

Life is a perpetual pursuit to attain and retain

‘Happiness’ the most blissful mental status,

A serene sensation that springs in our soul

Blooms our heart and radiates the body.


Happiness is contagious, let it loose to spread out

As a smile causes thousand smiles to sprout out.

Happiness is music, a sea of nectar to be consumed

It is contentment, a mental harmony in concord


Money can buy you pleasures, but not peace

Power can bring you honours, but not grace

Joy of course measures, when shared apiece

Sorrow creeps and crushes, but not demise


Happiness is love eternal and enlivened

Happiness is hope kindled and refreshed

Happiness is an unique feeling undefined, but

Happiness doubles and bubbles when shared


Our mind is always a wet fertile land

Sow there the seeds of hope, love and peace

Nurture it well with patience and persistence

To reap the harvest of happiness in heaps!!


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