10 Jan 2009

Why so late?

Post by santhi

 The sun is not bright enough or the moon cool

The sky is not blue enough or the clouds dark


The thunder is not loud enough or the wind fierce

The ocean is not deep enough or the shore vast


The flowers are not lovely enough or the leaves green

The birds are not melodious enough or the rivers giggling


The world is not wonderful enough or the life beautiful

The people are not cordial enough or the friends intimate


The morning is not brisk enough or the night calm

The summer is not sunny enough or the winter rainy


The food is not delicious enough or the snacks crispy

The coffee is not strong enough or the wine sour


The books are not interesting enough or the films thrilling

The melodies are not soothing enough or the pop tempting


The hugs are not tight enough or the kisses intense

The sleep is not sound enough or the bed rosy


My senses are immune to all natural things and turned frozen

Why my mind bleeds and feels so meek and bleak?


It is just nothing but a call that I got from my sweetheart

She will be coming only after one month, alas, miss her a lot.


Be in love at least once in your life, the rapture undefined

Behold the panic of love, being captured in another heart.


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