10 Jan 2009

Woman of hope and healing – Mother Teresa

Post by santhi

She said someone more simple and humble will appear

To serve the world,

The world still waits for that saint to appear and inspire

After the demise of that flame of hope


Once she said she had a “call within a call” that made her

The mother of the whole world

A great humanitarian in the midst of terrorism and its turmoil

In quest of peace and love


Her heart was the home for the homeless, balm for the wounded

An incarnation of selfless service

Kind words and deeds of love were her weapons to fight

With the diminishing human morale


Many awards bestowed to honour her, but the greatest of all

The place she occupies in our heart

Not as a messenger of any religion but as an apostle of merciful love

The ‘Saint of the Gutters’


For ever she will remain in our thoughts as the greatest but simplest

Mother of poor and needy

Amidst many baseless views, still echoes her heart’s message of love

Untainted and undaunted


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