10 Jan 2009

You are my ‘wonder’

Post by santhi

[image align=”right” img =”http://poeticfeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/wonder.jpg”  alt=”wonder” /]
Wondering I sat, why my thoughts are wandering to YOU

Whoever you are to me, but you make my senses swing

Oh! I wish I could be everything you want me to be

But alas, all these just a flying flash of fantasy ?


Once in life we meet such a mate, hence I wish never to part

Why so late, why so far, but you so close, sighs my tied heart

Once I thought I am immune to you, but now I feel I am in tune

Oh! my God, why such turns, tell me am I going out of tune


Nice were those dreams where I saw you, just a step apart,

Near we were, though for a while, the moments I cherish a lot

You hugged and kissed me so warm, me just blinking with disbelief

As my heart was struck deeper than words or tears can explain


Days and nights danced away, as we dared to dream a lot

Days and nights are why so short, as we want to share a lot

Dreary though my daily setbacks, daring not me to fight back

Dreadful never I feel again as u are there always to lean back.


Ever, have you thought, your words can make me soar

When you whisper “you are my love ” mellowing my mind

Enchanting!! shall I describe it , so rare a sensation it is

And so precious a gift you are to me, shall I hold you tight?


Reached are we almost at the spring of our life, and

With you, I know no bounds, I want to be a sweet little girl

To take you to my inner most heart and lock you there forever

To love, to adore, to worship you with all my being.


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